Audiovisual production on live, closed-circuit television and filming.

The planning of an event requires special attention to details, and that is the reason why an audiovisual service must respond with precision.

With a view to achieve an optimal production, it is extremely important to join all the pieces together. We have a range of event production equipment that, even though they might be unknown to the main public, experts will know how to value, given its utility and practicality when producing an event.

Among these equipment we find converters and HDMI, HD-SDI and VGA signal distributors, that can be placed discreetly in order to keep the magic of the event. We also highlight selectors for VGA-QXGA, component, super video and compound signals.

Great variety of broadcast, streaming or CCTV formats.

Also, we have available production tables for standard, Full HD and 3D formats, mostly for live events, television closed-circuits and recordings in general. These are complemented with preview monitors, analog and digital inputs and outputs and headphones connections.

Another kind of basic devices for control room technicians are the scalators and video mixers. Our equipment have both digital and analog inputs in order to cover a wider range of connections. No matter what size or resolution of the source image, it is possible to deliver the signal to every device in the room by readjusting the format without distorting it, whether they are projectors, plasma screens or LED screens.

The main brands that we trust in are, among others, Analog Way, Aja, Panasonic, Kramer, Blackmagic and Extron, leaders in features, performance and functionality.

We always try to go unnoticed while organizing our productions, making the event the true eye catcher.

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