Lighting equipment from light mixers to dimmers and light sources.

Rental of lighting equipment for events

Lighting can completely transform an event. It can shape the atmosphere and gives personality, leaving an unforgettable memory on the attendants.

We handle both decorative lighting and scenography. We provide technical advice during the development of the project and will perform the assembling and control of the lighting during the event.

Different types of lamps are available: Fresnel lanterns, tungsten quartz and rim lights. To build dynamic colour atmospheres, we use Par and LED tubes, moving heads and gobos with the client’s logo. We also have LED strips, that can fit in any kind of decoration thanks to their versatility and clear light. All these options can be fixed or remotely controlled through DMX connection.

For the display of lighting we have essential gear such as light mixers, dimmers that can either dim power or intensity, and tripods and fastening equipment.

Professional decorative, ambient and stage lighting.

We also have available closed lighting bundles for more specific activities, like indoor filming for advertising, filming of spokesmen training, ambient lighting for product presentations and lighting for lecterns and stages.

A good conceptual design can be definite when trying to get a project and we have that in mind. That is why we provide the knowledge and the skills of experienced designers capable of create detailed sketches to approach the final result.

One good look is always the best reference, and that is why we invite you to visit our portfolio, where you can find various examples of decorative and stage lighting.

A different way to create a nice memory. Your idea made truth: challenge us and we will surprise you. We are specialists in audiovisuals for communications agencies. Ask fora no-obligation quote.


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