Sound equipment for conferences

Sound equipment for conferences

Everything for conference and meetings: microphones, screens, computers, stands...

We find essential to deliver a clear sound during conferences and meetings, and to do so, we need to install a proper sound system. Audiovisual Line provides a comprehensive service to achieve the perfect sound for your event.

Our professional sound system catalogue gives all the possibilities for a correct sound system to be installed in a conference or meeting according to the number of attendants, delivering an easy communication between speakers and audience. What would you need to achieve a perfect sound in a conference? Well, you need a mixer, an equalizer, and some speakers, whose power may vary depending on the needs of the space. Microphones are also needed, since they are indispensable for the message to reach the audience flawlessly. Microphones can be adapted to perform in many different ways, like wireless microphones, table microphones, clip-on microphones, headset microphones, ambient microphones… They are trustworthy and easy to use in every case.

Professional sound systems for any kind of event: conferences, meetings, presentations…

All the needed equipment is available, no matter the size of the venue, the number of attendants, technical complexity, etc. We have the customizable solution that you need. Plus, we offer the possibility to assemble and disassemble the sound system, providing a comprehensive service.

We only work with leading brands, like Nexo, Midas, Yamaha, ElectroVoice… and we also have bundles available that include different sound systems settings. Ask us about them: you will save money and gain confidence.

Apart from sound, we provide all you need for conferences or meetings, from computers to pedestals, screens, support gear, etc., always with the same professional quality and adjusted prices.

Contact us if you need more info or a custom quote for your event, no commitment.


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