Staar Surgical

Staar Surgical

Hotel Silken Puerta de América

Some early questions rose when planning this event:

  • On one hand, the customer wished a screen big enough to be seen by the 300 attendants.
  • On the other hand, the space was limited and filled with tables for the audience. All that left us a rather small room if we wanted to use rear projection.
  • Another crucial element was the client’s wish to make use of natural daylight coming through the windows. With this in mind, using a beamer would not be suitable since the daylight would pollute the screen, preventing it from being seen clearly.

We suggested a solution using an indoor 6 m X 2.5 m LED screen. It matched perfectly not just because of its size, but also because we only needed 1 meter behind the screen for it to be installed, so the rest of the room could be used entirely to accommodate the guests. Plus, its high brightness allowed for a perfect view and a pollution free screening.

Due to the fact that we had to maximize the use of the space, and after a technical visit, we agreed that the ideal thing to do was to build custom legs for the stage so its height fit neatly within the set.

To complete the service, headset and clip-on microphones were used during the presentation and the round table. Wireless led PAR beamers were used to provide a wire free decorative lighting with the brand’s colours.


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