Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous Translation

We offer you interpreters with a wide scientific and technical vocabulary and the best equipment for your international conferences.

Simultaneous translation equipment rental

In a globalized world, events are in increasing need of simultaneous translation for conferences and international meetings services in order to achieve a full and efficient communication among the attendants.

Latest technology in digital translation

The Bosch Integrus digital equipment is a whole simultaneous translation and interpretation system that contains all the elements needed: isolated booths, consoles, microphones, transmitters and infrared receiver. It is the latest technology in digital translation that is not affected by interferences from lighting equipment and delivers a higher efficiency. Bosch Integrus guarantees full movement to the attendants thanks to wave distribution by infrared radiation, wirelessly without no physical connection. Receivers are individual and can fit perfectly in a regular pocket, and they are so easy to use that in a matter of seconds the listener can choose the language wanted and to listen to the real-time translation.

There are custom solutions, a technical and experienced staff and a simultaneous translation service available.

Moreover, our official translators have an extense technical vocabulary, suitable for any kind of meetings: tech, finance, biomedical, theme parks… All that is needed for the translations to be in real time and completely intelligible, no matter the level of specialization of the subject.

As experts in healthcare events (in pharmaceutical labs events more precisely) we have, as well as the microphone systems based on this technology, the ideal solution for discussion panels and forums.

Rental Interactive Voting Systems

We also work with interactive voting systems, an extraordinary tool to get the audience actively involved in the event. Whether it is specific tools, apps or tablets, we recommend the best audiovisual solution for your event.

Contact us if you are arranging an international meeting or conference and we will give you expert advice.. If you already know what service you need, request a no-obligation quote.


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